10Mbps Average Mobile Broadband Speeds in 5 Years?

One of the leading mobile broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom, Three UK has predicted that the mobile broadband speeds enjoyed by the consumers in the United Kingdom would reach 10Mbps in certain areas of the country in five years’ time.

The director of Three UK for radio technology, Erol Hepsaydir has been the person that made the prediction at the ‘Avren Events Connected home Global Summit’ held in Knightsbridge, during a panel discussion.

Hepsaydir had first suggested that by 2016, all mobile phones would turn into smartphones, with the LTE (Long Term Evolution) auction next year ushering in the opportunity for the mobile networks of the United Kingdom for significantly boosting the speeds.

Hepsaydir, when pressed for specifics said that the industry needed to aim for a 2 Mbps minimum mobile broadband speed, besides predicting that by 2016, the average mobile broadband speed in larger cities should average around 10Mbps.

Nevertheless, according to a spokesperson, those predictions still appeared a bit depressing in the light of the news outed a couple of days back from US T-Mobile that Americans could be looking ahead to up to 42Mbps 4G mobile broadband speeds as early as in 2011.

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