3 Mobile confident of providing 4 Mbps broadband speed

Phil Sheppard, the director of network operator ‘3 Mobile’ informed that the prospective subscribers of the network can enjoy download speeds of up to 4 Mbps.

The users are particular about download and upload capabilities apart from value and reliability while signing for any broadband deal. He remarked that it is not easy to explain the issue with respect to speed.

He informed that 21 Mbps technology provides a maximum of only 16 Mbps in undisturbed environments. But with buildings, trees, mountains and other obstacles on the path, the speed available will be much lower. The network traffic also contributes for low speed.

There is no standard answer for the speed issue. The speed depends on many factors including the conditions in the area.

If the 4G auction comes through during the year, the miseries of the customers regarding speed will be put an end to.

All the service providers are investing for the improvement of the communication system in the UK.

In fact, Sheppard has furnished better information than the UK telecom regulator Ofcom regarding speed.

Test conducted by Ofcom in coordination with broadband monitoring specialist Epitiro during the final quarter of 2011 established that the average speed to the customer was only 1.5 Mbps and that it took about 8.5 seconds to download a normal webpage. This is in contrast to the national average fixed speed of 6.2 Mbps.

Ed Richards of Ofcom stated that research plays a vital part in furnishing the proper information to the subscribers to make the correct choice.

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