3G broadband coverage not up to the mark even in London

Among the ten largest cities in the UK, London has dubious distinction of having the slowest average 3G speed.

The download speed in London was only 2.71 Mbps. Portsmouth topped the list with a speed of 3.56 Mbps. Edinburgh and Cardiff lying close to London recorded 2.94 and 2.90 Mbps of speeds respectively. However the average speed in Wolverhampton the speed was lesser than that in London, with 2.46 Mbps.

The survey was conducted on more than a thousand smartphone customers by price comparison site ‘uSwitch’.

3G connections are far from consistent even in the major cities and the users are experiencing blackspots and drop-offs.

Ernest Doku of uSwitch is perturbed that if this is the experience of the cities regarding 3G, then what to say about the rural areas.

The government has the high ambition of making London up-to-date in digital technology, fundamentally by providing latest communication infrastructure. But the effort of the government has not borne fruits. To the dismay of the government, in the whole of London the 3G coverage is patchy. Things are not better in other cities.

As it is, there is no doubt that it will take a long period for the residents and businesses across the country to be able to make best use of the superfast broadband system, using their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

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