4G to solve UK’s rural broadband problem

Readers of computeractive have stated their broadband internet connections in simple three ways- very slow, almost impossible to use and unable to even send an email.

The broadband internet speed in the rural areas is a greatest problem in the UK. The other big cities of the country get the big boost in the broadband speed while people residing in the rural Cumbria and Cornwall are still left behind.

The infrastructure cost to provide high speed broadband service to isolated, small communities that is obviously no one is interested to meet.

Currently tests are going on to examine the effect of 4G when it is utilized in the remote areas such as parts of Cumbria and Cornwall. The theoretical high speed of up to 30Mbps, the new 4G connection is much faster in relation to many of the home broadband connections and it is expected that 4G can be utilized in order to offer better internet connection for the rural communities.

Both Everything Everywhere and O2 conducted test of 4G in the beginning of this year in Cornwall, with Everything Everywhere presently trialling the 4G in the remote Cumbria. The new 4G technology will provide super-fast internet speed to the many of the remote communities in the UK.

Head of network strategy and architecture at Everything Everywhere, David Salam is hopeful of the potential of utilizing the new 4G technology to connect more citizens. Last year they had test to utilize 4G technology for the fixed line internet service in the Cornwall and it is seen that it has good advantages. He thinks that they will be able to connect the rest few per cent, they will deliver the rural network coverage off by their 4G service.

EE told that it is planning to cover around 98% across the UK by 2014 and the other networks will be able to introduce 4G internet service by the beginning of 213, the wide network coverage will be helpful to deliver super fast broadband service to the UK’s rural communities.

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