Access to Tube Wi-Fi to be charged by Virgin Media

According to authentic reports, the Internet Service provider Virgin Media will start charging its users for the use of their wireless broadband network in the London Underground.

What ZDNet says is that the company will limit the access to wireless broadband facilities in the underground network form the coming month.

The Wi-fi service was developed by the Internet Service Provider during the London Olympic and Paralympic Games and it could be availed free by the people during the course of the summer season.

However from the coming months, i.e. from the month of October, Only people who are subscribing to Virgin Media would be able to avail access to the facilities free of charge on underground station platforms and in waiting places.

Other people who travel by tube and who desire to access the services would necessarily have to register and pay a fee for accessibility to the Internet.

In all probability the ISP also has plans to launch pay-as-you-go prices for people who utilise mobile devices and who would like to access the Internet when they are travelling on the tube. Facilities have been already available at over eighty hubs in London and it is quite certain that these numbers will not remain static for long, it is said that they will go up to 120 before the current years ends.

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