Apple iPad 2 to be sold by T-Mobile and Orange

With O2, one of the leading mobile operators in the United Kingdom that were expected to deal with the new Apple iPad 2, backing off from the scene by announcing that it would be hardly stocking the new iPad 2 when it gets launched in the United Kingdom pn March 25, the spotlight is on a different provider that is not a modest entity as well.

As a matter of fact, it was through its official Twitter account that T-Mobile has confirmed its offering the new iPad 2 internet tablet from the launch date alongside its business partner and another prominent mobile network operator of the country Orange UK. The UK operation of the combined T-Mobile and Orange is known asEverything Everywhere.

However, Everything Everywhere has replied to the many enthusiasts that had queried it regarding the price details of the new iPad 2 that the anoouncement on more details would be in due course.
On another platform, another of the five prominent mobile broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom, Three UK said that it had no comments on whether the the much sought after gadget would be stocked by it, while Vodafone refrained from responding at the hour of publication.

Incidentally, the chief executive officer at Apple , Steve Jobs had only announced the new Apple iPad internet tablet on Wednesday, boasting that the new device was of a thinner design, front and back webcameras and a faster processor.

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