Broadband demands Growing says Virgin Media Business

Head of Mobile at Virgin Media Business, Mr. George Wareing, said that the mobile network operators would have the challenging task of providing broadband usage facilities, with an increasing number of people purchasing tablets, dongles, smartphones, and other gadgets.

He remarked that usage of mobile data could be compared to a fathomless pit and that it was growing bigger and bigger constantly.

He also said that everyone was eagerly looking forward to the advantages that the 4G facilities would provide, however it would create some really difficult queries for the network providers.

Mr. Wareing elucidated that there was a very thin line between user demand, their encounters with broadband and the expenses.

In order that the people who watch their preferred shows or music videos while they are travelling are not charged exorbitantly, the network operators are trying to install fibre-based backhaul for cell sites. Mr. Wareing said that this could probably assist to reduce the tension and offer some sort of permanent solution.

He also stated that no matter what consumers would not put an end to streaming media content through the web; in fact he remarked that this trend would only increase as days go by.

Therefore he commented that broadband providers would have to consider the enduring effect that these increasing demands would have so that they can avoid a prospective traffic jam in the facilities offered.

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