Carbon Trust to monitor O2 for its environmental effect

The mobile network operators O2 have become the first firm to be evaluated by Carbon Trust on their environmental impact.

As per the reports from Caron Trust an independent Firm, the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted when transferring 1MB of data via the O2 network is more or less equal to 11 grams, whereas a sixty second voice call will give out an equivalent of 3.6 grams of the same gas.

With their initiative called Think Big Blue print, the network operator has plans to provide carbon advantages that would have ten times the effect of its network in the course of the coming three years.

According the a survey that was conducted by Carbon Trust earlier, it was revealed that 56 percent of the users would prefer to go in for a brand that had proof to show that they were able to reduce carbon emission when their network was being used.

Head of Environment in O2, Gareth Rice said that the aim of his company was to create the best network in the country that produced the least carbon by ensuring that their own procedures were tested thoroughly and also by trying to find out better means to lower the trail that they leave behind.

This statement followed the declaration by their competitor broadband provider TalkTalk stated that 100 percent of the power that they utilized for their new generation network systems were drawn form reusable sources.

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