CDMA2000 Mobile Broadband had a Prosperous 2009

According to the CDG’s (CDMA Development Group) third quarter subscriber statistics, CDMA2000 mobile broadband showed a massive growth in 2009, with an addition of 18 million new CDMA2000 networks. Besides, new markets such as China and India have further pushed its subscriber base to half a billion people.

During 2009, the 3G was introduced in China and within a short span of time, China expanded CDMA’s subscriber base to more than 50 million people. Similarly, Reliance and Tata, the CDMA operators in India started offering India’s first mobile broadband service.

Furthermore, the launch of CDMA’s Open Market Handset (OMH), and the initiatives such as Machine-to-Machine (M2M) special interest group and CDMA Roaming Hub (CRH) were also during 2009. Finally, CDG became the market representation Partner for 3GPP in 2009.

With these many triumphs, CDG is foreseeing this growth trend in the next decade and are planning to optimize 3G CDMA with technologies such as LTE and Mobile WiMax.

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