Channel Island Debut Venture to be made by LTE

It has been jointly announced by two of the leading companies operating in the United Kingdom; one a telecommunications company and the other, a technology firm that they were working hand in hand to demonstrate Long Term Evolution in both Guernsey and Jersey, over the 1800MHz frequency band.

A demostration launched this week in Guernsey and Jersey will be the maiden pilot of Long Term Evolution mobile technology in the Channel Islands. End consumers will be provided by the technology, with a better experience of mobile broadband, boasting of up to 50Mbps download speeds.

According to the claims of Jersey Telecm Group, one of the leading telecommunications provider across the region, it was already providing in the Channel Islands, the fastest mobile broadband service at the speed of 14.4Mbps.

Jersey Telecom’s chief executive officer, Graeme Millar said that LTE was a significant step in their Gigabit Isles strategy that were to deliver the most advanced internet access to the domestic and business consumers in Europe.

According to Millar, their strategy was perfectly complemented by LTE, and the consumers could look ahead to enhanced service quality and faster broadband access speeds enabling their mobile gadgets to download high definition quality movies and music, and stream live TV in seconds.

The demonstration would be, according to Millar’s claims, giving them priceless insight into the new technology besides giving the islanders an opportunity to taste the future’s mobile broadband technology.

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