Everything Everywhere to launch 4G mobile service

Apple’s new iPhone might exclusively offer a faster network which is not available to other companies. A new premium brand committed to sell 4G mobile phones and dongles would be launched by the firm soon. Although Nokia’s new Lumia handsets were also expected to have this facility, it is not yet finalized.

It is believed that Everything Everywhere’s 4G networks would be available initially to only a small area in the UK but sources close to the engineers of the firm say that the network will cover a much larger area than expected. It is said that by the end of the year, the service would be available to densely populated areas in the country and within a year it would be available more widely.

Apple’s new iPhone, a “pentaband”, which could use five different radio bands, is expected to be launched on Wednesday. If one of the frequencies used is 1800 MHz, the band exclusively available to Everything Everywhere, then it would be the only company in the UK to offer 4G speeds. During the trials conducted in London by the company rival O2, the broadband speeds was up to 100Mbps. The Current 3G speeds are up to 5 Mbps.

However, the rival companies have threatened to challenge the decision of the telecoms regulator. Ofcom, the telecoms regulator has allowed Everything Everywhere to use its spectrum for 4G services before its rivals. On the other hand Everything Everywhere said that it would challenge the terms of that auction if it is not allowed to proceed with its 4G plans.

It was the aim of the former Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt to make the broadband service in the UK, the best available broadband service in Europe by 2015. His successor, Maria Miller with the aim of easing the planning rules has launched a consultation. It would help to speed up the installation of fixed broadband infrastructure in the country. The UK government is doing its best to encourage 4G roll-out. Further details were not disclosed by Everything Everywhere.

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