Free broadband for Tesco Mobile customers

Tesco, one of the best mobile service providers in the UK, has made an announcement of one year’s worth of FREE unlimited broadband for all Tesco mobile customers. It is understood that Tesco Mobile has a very strong customer base of about 3.2 million in the UK. It has got Pay monthly customers, pay as you go customers and SIM Only customers and the new deal is open to all these Tesco customers.

According to the firm, as far as the mobile networks in the UK are concerned, it is the first time a firm is offering unlimited broadband to customers. A spokesman for the company said that the company always pay attention to its customers, hear their complaints and suggestions and always find solution to customer’s complaints at the earliest. Not only that the firm always seek the possibility of offering better value to its customers.

The latest broadband deal is the best offer the Tesco Mobile customers could get. Along with the deal, it brings Clubcard points which would help customers to make remarkable savings over their monthly bills and top-ups.

The deal offers one year’s free broadband with unlimited downloads. Customers who want to join the scheme should take a Tesco Broadband line rental which would cost them £13.75 a month. Usually Tesco Broadband charges 6.50 Pounds a month. Hence £78 a year could be saved if a customer opts for the new deal. Tesco Mobile customers are requested to contact The new deal is available till 31st December 2012.

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