Free Olympic Underground Wi-Fi Sessions from Virgin Media

Free-for-the-Olympics underground Wi-Fi of Virgin Media has been a discloser for the Londoners who usually travel on tube and yesterday the firm announced the figures that indicate how famous it has been. Almost 15 million of sessions have been offered since 7th of June when the service was started and 345,889 consumers have registered for the service.

While another 43,932 consumers have been signed up since the start of the Olympic game and about 3 million of sessions have been already registered.

On the other side, the firm also admitted its failure to to achieve the goal of having online 80 stations by the beginning of Olympics, at present it has 72 online stations running. In spite this, the company is pleased with the work that it has accomplished.

A company spokesperson told that they identified the maximum 80 stations before the start of Olympic game and they are satisfied with the good result after the long six week schedule of rollout. They will continue the process of rollout to about 120 stations within this year.

This rollout program sounds great for those who work and reside in the London. The users who are not virgin media consumer will required to pay for the online service whereas the Virgin Media user can utilize the service free of cost.

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