Free Vodafone Dongle with One Month Mobile Broadband Deal

Vodafone, one of the leading mobile broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom, has launched a fresh pay per month mobile broadband data plan, which includes 500MB usage allowance per month and a free mobile broadband modem on a 1 month contract.

The fresh deal that costs GBP 7.50 per month allows the customers to enjoy WiFi broadband access of 1GB through the public WiFi hotspot networks of BT across the United Kingdom.

Additional data usage can also be bought by the customers that would cost them GBP 7.50 for every 500GB of data. The latest deal of Vodafone also includes money back guarantee of one month.

It is noteworthy that Three Mobile UK, the rival mobile operator had only recently launched a all that can be eaten top up for the PayG customers of its that would have 300 voice call minutes, 3000 SMS and “all you can eat” data under the fresh plan for GBP 15 per month.

Three’s managing director, Marc Allera had stated that the network of Three UK was designed for data, which showed their confidence in their 3G broadband network, ewhich meant they could launch deals like those.

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