Gizmodo UK and O2 Ready for Trial of 4G Dongle

The people reading Gizmodo UK will be offered a peek into the prospects of 4G connectivity in Britain as their primary consumers.

The UK publication of the Technology blog has been chosen by O2 as their special and only partners as it starts testing 4G mobile broadband.

As a result select readers of Gizmodo UK will receive Samsung B3730 dongles that will help them avail of super-fast mobile broadband connectivity.

Those who have been selected for this trial will provide instant performance data and specific information to O2.

This will assist to enhance the understanding the abilities and advantages of the 4G technology, far before its expected release in 2013.

Kat Hannaford, the Editor of Gizmodo UK stated that the company was excited to be chosen by O2 to take part in their trial.

She said that going by their reader’s responses, the technology is all ready to become the largest new release that the UK market had eve seen in many years.

The attractions of the 4G trials experienced the most comments on the artic le with about 400 comments till date, stressing the keenness of the readers for the thrilling forthcoming O2 speeds.

The Head of O2’s 4G trial, Rob Joyce stated that the declaration of the trial has set off great thrills around the prospects of mobile broadband network system.

He commented that it was simply terrific to note such a high interest in high-speed dongle services.

The also said that other than businesses and industries, they also wanted users and tech specialists to participate in the trial and truly make the trial network obtain its complete capabilities. Mr. Joyce stated that there were none better than the readers of Gizmodo UK to do exactly that.

The US, Sweden and many other countries across the globe, have already been provided with the 4G technology, however it was not likely that the UK would get it before 2013.

The 4G radio spectrum is to be auctioned by Ofcom to service providers in the latter half of the coming year.

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