Government’s 2G Refarming Decision flayed by Three UK

It has been reported that the chief executive officer of Three UK, Kevin Russell has flayed the government of the United Kingdom and the telecommunications regulator of the country Ofcom, over the decision of allowing the operators of networks to refarm their allocated 2G spectrum for 3G voice and broadband services.

Russell said on Tuesday while speaking at a Westminster Forum that Three UK that only owned 3G spectrum in the 2100MHz frequency, was affected unfairly by the decision as it meant that the rivals were all of a sudden given a massive boost in spectrum coverage.

Russell argued that the refarming of spectrum decided by the government in January tend to give Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere, a significant benefit, which was viewed by them as distortion of the mobile network service market.

According to Russell, what was being gambled with was more than just competition in the mobile industry, but also the role played by mobile in the evolution of broadband internet as well as the country’s economic growth.

Russell who appeared worried about the refarm’s affecting the spectrum’s competitive dynamic, added that he felt most of the numerous ways in which the government and the regulator justified the refarming to be myths.

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