Huawei showcases its new E5 Wireless Modem at the CES, 2010

Huawei, one of the leaders providing advanced telecommunication network solutions across the world, has showcased its new E5 Wireless Modem at the CES, 2010. Reportedly, shipment of more than 300,000 units is underway and 40 leading operators across the world have placed further orders. The Huawei E5 is one of the most ideal mobile broadband solutions for business people who want anywhere, anytime wireless connectivity at high speeds.

With the E5, you can create easily group internet access and also individual WI-FI hotspots wherein you can connect to various devices such as digital cameras, games consoles, note books, online games and picture transfers. All the while, this device offersWI-FI wireless connectivity at your fingertips. It also functions as a good storage device, supports micro-SD card and has a 32 GB capacity. At the flick of its WI-FI switch, you open up to the world wide web in a grand manner. The Huawei E5 is quite a useful gadget that is easily portable and fits into your pocket or handbag and is a handy companion.

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