Issues with the 3G Dongle by Vodafone Mobile Broadband

A reader wrote that he had been encountering an issue with the 3G USB dongle that was provided by Vodafone mobile broadband. He stated that he was able to download information from the Internet however he was unable to browse the web. In this case, the Help room Editor seemed to have been of assistance.

The case as it was presented.

The reader said that he made use of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband 3G dongle to avail accessibility to the Internet on his PC. He said that he was unable to access any websites in spite of the fact that applications like the Windows Live Messenger seemed to be online. He stated that the message on the browser was as follows: ‘HTTP Error 403. The service you requested is restricted and not available to your browser.

This limitation could probably due to the user’s IP address, hoist name, time of the day, the software of the browser or several other variables. The user must have probably requested a facility that could only be availed of by a restricted subnet.

The user said that he had restarted his PC but that did not solve the problem. He requests for a solution. The reply he received from Help room was that:

The support forums of Vodafone show that there have been several other users who had been frequently encountering the same issue. Help room stated that the user did right by restarting his PC, but that did not fully cut the power going into the USB dongle. Therefore the user would have to remove the USB dongle for its port. Once the dongle had been disconnected from the Mobile Broadband application he would have to restart his PC and then reinsert the dongle when Windows had been loaded.

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