It is T-Mobile’s turn to handle iPhone 4 in the UK

T-Mobile, one of the leading mobile broadband operators in the United Kingdom has started advertising on their website that they would be launching Apple iPhone 4 in the United Kingdom. Vodafone and Orange has already announced that they would be offering the phone on 24 June.

However, T-Mobile broadband has not revealed when they are planning to launch it in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, an expert in the sector boded that despite AT&T having exclusive rights on Apple iPhone 4 in the US, T-Mobile would also be offering the phone in the country.

Launching of the iPhone 4 on its network will obviously be a boost for the prospects of T-Mobile UK, as Orange who had merged its operations in the country with it has decided to carry the phone on its network. As a matter of fact, after the merger both the mobile broadband providers are still operating under their own banners.

The most significant fact here is that both T-Mobile and Orange will be able to offer the new iPhone over their celebrated 3G broadband network, which arguably is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom. 3 Mobile Broadband UK might just disagree.

Nonetheless, the general mobile broadband consumers in the UK are looking forward to the ‘4’ factor of the new iPhone. They will be closely observing the scopes of the device over the 3G broadband network, forgetting about 4G at least for the time being.

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