London Underground wi-fi agreement goes to Virgin Media

Virgin Media is the broadband provider of United Kingdom. In recent times it has been honoured with the agreement to offer wi-fi to the London underground. Due to the requirement of major construction work the deal is right now offered only to certain places like platforms, escalators and ticket offices. All the Tube passengers would be able to use internet free of cost by the end of July 2012, but it has not specified for how long it will be free. Pay-as-you-go service shall be implied after the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

During this period the firm is going to provide a regular service to its mobile and broadband customers on the basis of their subscription. The site will be restricted to those non-paying users providing only some travel details online. Neil Berkett, who is company’s chief executive, ensures that they will help the people as much as they can and it will continue to enhance its service, which will benefit everyone, for which the nation will be proud of. In the beginning the firm promises to provide wi-fi to 80 stations during the summer and the total will reach 120 stations as the year falls to final. The survey carried by Transport for London found that everyday around four million people use Tube.

The responsibility for joining the equipments is entrusted upon London Underground staff, but the finical fund for the work will be received form commercial contract. London Underground’s director of strategy and service development, Gareth Powell said that the tube customers will be happy with this great news of the latest innovation through which the users can access their emails, web and social media networks underground. Fare payers and tax payers will enjoy the service at no cost.

Most of the United kingdoms over-ground trains already have wi-fi facility. In the 2004, the East Coast Main Line was served by the first operator GNER. This will be UK’s first “deep-level” connection which will offer wireless broadband connection to its users according to TfL.

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