Mobile Broadband not as competitive as Fixedline Broadband

An expert of the telecommunications industry based in the United Kingdom has revealed something that would obviously disappoint the consumers of mobile broadband comparing their service with the quality of fixedline broadband in the country.

According to the editor of the popular broadband comparison and advice website, Broadband UK, Edd Dawson, some mobile broadband services are found blocked.

According to the expert, although the mobile broadband service was extensively consumed in the country, it still was not as good a service as the fixedline broadband service.

Dawson said that there existed a few mobile broadband providers in the United Kingdom that prevented their customers from accessing certain services such as the BBC iPlayer. He commented that certain services are unavailable for the user for their being blocked.

Dawson added that the broadband service subscribers tend to experience lesser speeds compared to what they were promised of originally , as the bandwidth was distributed among all consumers of busy locations.

Dawson’s comments have emerged at a time when another broadband comparison website had stated in a report that the consumers of smartphones in the United Kingdom had to cope with the annoyingly sporadic 3G broadband signals, which could totally disappear several times at several locations during the day.

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