Mobile broadband service, a boon to communities in Amazon

It is reported that the lives in the Amazon rainforest is changing for the better with the advent of mobile broadband services. BBC reports that for establishing communication lines with some of the communities in remote regions in Brazil, 3G connectivity has been used.

Currently, in the Amazon rainforest, about 170 villages are having GSM and 3G connectivity and this provide excellent external communication facility along with an opportunity for the people to pursue their education. In the field of education, the services rendered by charities are worth mentioning. Laptops are donated to schools in the region and children are being offered their first unforgettable encounter with online learning tools and internet.

Ericsson, one of the leading providers of telecommunications equipments, has gifted two masts for this project. According to a spokesman for Ericsson, the internet access in the Amazon forest would help about 25 million people in their education.

The Project Manager at Ericsson Connect to Learn, Sergio Lopez Ramos said that they are going to introduce Cloud computing for educational purposes after removing the other complex systems. Local charity Health and Happiness announced that the introduction of broadband service in the Amazon region will in no way affect the culture and heritage of Amazon. On the other hand mobile broadband would allow the people to show to the world their culture, traditions and all. At the same time broadband service would also help them to better their lives.

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