Mobile Network Saturation warned by Ofcom Chief

The chief of the telecommunications regulating authority of the United Kingdom, Ofcom revealed to the Royal Welsh last day that the latest bunch off smartphones were pushing the communications network of the United Kingdom to the limit and unless necessary action being taken a rise in prices would be on the way.

The Ofcom chief, Ed Richards said to the daily that a good number of rural Welsh broadband consumers had poor internet access that brought with it serious consequences for farms and businesses. He added that he was concerned that if the mobile broadband network reached its limit, and not developing further, such people would be left with fewer choices.

The situation is viewed by many with as much seriousness as the Ofcom chief as with alarmingly increasing number of people in the country accessing music and video sites online the network has begun to creak with solutions remaining controversial.

Richards warned that the consumers in the United Kingdom were presently witnessing the beginning of a capacity crunch with data-enabled mobile broadband dongles and smartphones chewing through information-rich websites and processing increased background traffic.

However, while demand is surging the spectrum or frequencies on which so many similar services including the mobile broadband are carried, have seldom grown adequately. It is also noteworthy that mobile data consumption has increased by over 1,800 per cent in the United Kingdom in the past couple of years.

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