More than 3m UK Homes rely on Mobile Broadband for Internet

A freshly carried out research by the telecommunications regulator of the United Kingdom, Ofcom revealed that around 7 per cent of the British homes, or 1.5 million of the total 21.3 million houesholds in the country exclusively used a mobile device to connect to the internet.

Apart from this, a total of 3.6 million homes in Britain or 17 per cent, depended on mobile broadband to access internet, according to the regulator’s research.

The research conducted between 2010 September and December, using the expertise of Epitiro, the specialist broaband monitoring body, revealed that the number of households in the country using mobile devices exclusively to access internet had doubled from 3 per cent in 2009.

The finding of the study that the mobile broadband average speed was 1.5Mbps, meant that basic web-pages were taking an average of 8.5 seconds for downloading. It is noteworthy that the outgone Labour administration’s Digital Britain report – currently endorsed by the coalition government – aimed at 2Mbps broadband speed for every houshold in Britain.

Meanwhile, 4.2 million tests were involved by the research carried out by Ofcom and Epitiro, besides the performance of the country’s five mobile network operators in areas boasting of optimum 3G network coverage.

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