Motorola Improves the Mobile Broadband Performance of WiMAX USBw 200 Dongle with New Docking Station

The newly introduced docking station can heavily enhance the mobile broadband performance of the WiMAX USBw 200 dongle, claims Motorola.

Motorola has introduced a new docking station or a cradle for WiMAX USBw 200 dongle. The dongle when placed inside this cradle, will have an improved signal strength. This enables it to showcase a better performance than the stand-alone USB 200w dongle. Motorola is set to display this docking station during the Mobile World Congress 2010 at Barcelona.

The Senior Vice president of Motorola Home and Networks Mobility, Bruce Brda evaluates this innovation as a means to offer greater flexibility for the customers. “This will meet the varied connectivity needs of the customers.”, says Mr. Brda.

The docking station is said to be beneficial for the mobile broadband operators as well. It will improve the coverage and hence, the operators can serve more users without any additional infrastructure.

Furthermore, the docking station is also said to be compatible with the dongle’s switching capability. This means, it receives the signals from the stronger antenna, providing the best broadband connection to the users.

This new docking station will hit the stores in Q2 2010.

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