MP for Selby and Ainsty Applauds the Delivery of 4G Mobile Broadband

Mr. Nigel Adams the MP for the counties of Selby and Ainsty has applauded the government for their plans to ensure that 4G mobile broadband is provided to the non-metropolitan regions.

Ofcom, the telecommunications regulator had declared that they would be selling off 4 G mobile services mobile spectrum and the Selby Times reported that Mr. Nigel Adams remarked that this was great news.

The sale of the 4G mobile spectrum is slated to commence towards the latter part of the current year, in spite of the fact that the mobile service providers would not be tendering their bids till the beginning of the next year. It is anticipated that approximately 98 percent of the people in the United Kingdom would be able to avail of accessibility to some type of mobile broadband, once the latest facilities are all set up.

Mr. Adams commented that this additional investment in mobile broadband will assist to change the face of their trade and finances. Mr. Adams has been a long standing crusader for bettering the access to mobile broadband in the non-metropolitan regions.

The telecommunications regulator anticipates that the provision of the services would commence by the end of the next year and that the mobile spectrum that would be put on sale would be equal to over 80 %, in comparison to the 3G spectrum that was sold off about ten years ago.

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