MPs urge Ofcom to expand Mobile Broadband

Millions of people living in the rural areas of the United Kingdom could be left undermined besides isolated unless the telecommunications regulator of the United Kingdom, Ofcom extends access to mobile broadband internet to 98 per cent of the country, it has been warned by the MPs.

A group of MPs from all parties have urged the regulator to boost the availability of the 800MHz mobile spectrum of the United Kingdom from the currently available 95 per cent to 98 per cent – which tells about the addition of another couple of million people.

The 800MHz mobile spectrum is more favoured in the rural areas of the United Kingdom since it was potential of working well over longer distances, besides being dedicated to faster speeds of 4G broadband.

Presently, the regulator has been reported to be carrying out a consultation to its auction plans regarding the rights to the next generation mobile broadband networks.

Rory Stewart, the Tory MP for Cumbria had said opening the debate in the Commons that it was the final chance they had for a generation for providing reasonable mobile internet coverage for six million people that otherwise were unlikely to get it.

Andrew Griffith, another Conservative MP said that the rural mobile broadband issue that has been running for long consistently and continuously appeared to be a major issue among his constituents of Burton.

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