Myths of Mobile broadband

Is anyone confused by dongles as well as are not sure of the benefits of the USB modem, then read through t his. In the past few years mobile broadband is the biggest technology which has been understood little. Here is a list of ten most conventional myths of mobile broadband that will clear all the doubts of the users.

Insufficient Download allowances
Though the 1GB offer is around which is actually limiting the users, this is not completely true. At present there are various offers that provide the data usage of 10 GB in a month which is enough for 320 four-minute music tracks; video downloads of 50 half hours, web surfing of 100 hours and 10,000 emails.

Mobile broadband Vs home broadband
The speed test software conducted disclosed that the present speed of the average mobile broadband connection is 7 Mb which is almost similar to the speed of home broadband. However, there are many high-speed home pack is available whereas the most conventional connection is of 8Mb. The mobile broadband customers can also increase their internet speed by just utilizing the particularly designed browser like Opera Turbo at no addition cost.

About mobile broadband laptop package
It is true that purchasing separately a laptop as well as broadband is not costly in relation to other hire/credit purchase offers. Laptop deals are indeed very costly. Various laptop broadband packages are available at the cost of £15 in a month when one can easily reduce the price of the notebook, which is slightly more than that the price of the general dongle offer.

Long contracts
The two year contract was the norm but now the one-month contracts are becoming more common. Those who dislike contract can also opt for the pay-as-you-go deal that is offered by many vendors.

Data charges
Some of the service do not charge extra for the excess data usage on their deals. Other services providers come with online tracking system which will help to avoid the excessive data charges.

One requires MiFi or dongle to receive mobile broadband
Most of the people don’t use MiFi and dongles, currently laptops come pre-installed with the broadband which is common now. However, it will be most conventional way of utilizing the mobile broadband.

Costly overseas usage
The expensive bills for the overseas usages were once the common fixture of the newspaper in the UK, but the internet service providers have reduces the charges heavily.

EU legislation in order to promote tough competition has cut down the costs. The wholesale cap is available at the charge of only1 Euro per MB of download.

Mobile broadband are cheaper
Mobile broadband service is cheaper in relation to the fixed line broadband service only because one does not need pay for the line rental. The line rental is about £11.25 in a month and also extra cost for the broadband. The price of the inexpensive fixed line internet connection is about £17 while it was found out the average cost of a mobile broadband product is only £15.

Portability of mobile broadband
Around 75% users of mobile broadband connects internet at home. When away from the house the consumers with most of the major networks can use the Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, enabling to take the benefit of the free internet connection without limiting the usage allowance. One can also share the connection with other Wi-Fi supported devices. The user will only need to plug the dongle into the mobile wireless router.

About Dongles
Dongles are the small USB devices. The new dongles are the cutting edge to combine both fun and functionality together. It is more than a means to get access to internet and they are used as USB storage devices.

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