Norwich Signal Boost Permission denied to O2 and Vodafone

An optimistic attempt by two of the leading operators of mobile broadband network in the United Kingdom, Vodafone and O2 to boost the mobile signal in Norwich has been dented owing to the decision of the Norwich City council to deny the two masts, planning permission.

The two masts, erecting of which had been proposed by Vodafone and O2 before the Norwich City Council, had been planned in the city’s Earlham area.

The refusing of the application, according to the explanation put forth by the council has been on the grounds that the height as well as the sitting of the mast would have an undesirable impact particularly in a residential area.

Meanwhile, the decision has come as a blow for the mobile network operators that have been striving to boost their network capabilities in the areas across the United Kingdom as mobile broadband and smartphone usage was on the increase.

A spokesperson from O2 said that they were disappointed with the decision since they had talked with the planner prior to their forwarding the application and the planner was not totally against the idea as well.

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