Now T-Mobile launches Mobile WiFi Device

One of the largest mobile broadband network operators in the United Kingdom – if not the largest – T-Mobile has closely followed its partner in the Everything Everywhere venture, Orange UK’s launching a mobile wireless broadband device by launching one of its own.

The fresh dongle designed and launched by T-Mobile broadband with a view to help its customers enjoy the best mobile broadband signal will be known by the name Wireless Pointer mobile WiFi device.

This mobile WiFi modem allows the consumers to create a hotspot of mobile broadband network for himself and surf the internet with any device that has built-in WiFi support, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops.

Another fresh aspect featured by the Wireless Pointer mobile broadband modem of T-Mobile is an indicator for mobile broadband signal that shows the customers the level of coverage received by them.

The mobile broadband coverage indicator featured by the Wireless Pointer modem allows the consumers position the gadget in the right place with the sturdiest T-Mobile mobile broadband signal, making sure that they enjoyed the best online experience regardless of where they were.

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