O2 appoints new business director

There is going to be a reshuffle in the top management of broadband service provider ‘O2’. The business development division head is going to be replaced.

Martin Harriman, who was the executive vice president of ‘LightSquared’ for the last three years, will replace Tim Sefton at O2 as the new head.

Tim Sefton, the outgoing business director is to head a new consultancy firm, one of whose clients will be O2 itself.

Sefton informed that O2 had become highly popular with the public for its service, customer relations, innovations, engineering activities etc. He thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the prestigious concern. He hoped that his challenging experience in O2 will help him in his handling of the new clients in the new environment.

Harriman paid tribute to Sefton saying that O2 improved vastly under his leadership. He will start at where Sefton left and will strive for the development of the company.

Ronan Dunne of ‘Telefonica UK’ is highly thankful to Tim for his contribution which enabled O2 to become a leading company in the field. He hoped that Sefton would continue his association with O2 even in his new establishment.

Sefton was responsible for the launch of O2 Media, O2 Money, O2 Wi-fi, O2 Health, O2 Learn, Machine-to-Machine, Giffgaff etc in company of his team. The VoIP provider company Jajah was acquired by Telefonica in his period.

Harriman will take up the new responsibility in O2 in April. He had earlier held top positions in Augere, Ericsson etc.

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