O2 delivers wireless broadband to Costa chain

O2 has proclaimed to deliver wireless internet connection to all the Costa coffee shops all over the UK.

Customers visiting the stores all over the nation will be able to get all the benefits of reliable, quick, easy to use as well as free Wi-Fi services.

In order to be able to utilize this service in all the Costa stores and at the O2’s Wi-Fi hotspots the customers will need to register themselves for the service first.

The managing director of O2 Wi-Fi, Gavin Franks said that they are very much excited to tie-up with Costa.

According to him coffee houses are one of the traditional centres for customers to access Wi-Fi service and the largest chain of coffee house is Costa in the UK.

They have proved how their creative models works in the new circumstances like the London metro Wi-Fi service and this clearly indicates that it will function in the traditional contexts as well.

Mr. Franks also stated that businesses and people need reliable, fast Wi-Fi service that can be used easily and also free so that anyone can utilize the service.
Mr. Kevin Hydes who is the Costa UK’s marketing director said that the enterprise is happy to be the partner of O2 that helped them to provide their customers with free Wi-Fi use for 30 minutes.

He also said that their valued coffee club members will be offered with the unlimited internet access in order to boost their coffee house facility.

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