Ofcom Wales Head wants Fast Mobile Broadband for Businesses

The director of the telecommunications regulator of the United Kingdom, Ofcom, for Wales, Rhodri Williams has said that Wales required highspeed mobile broadband services for the businesses of the country to remain competitive.

The Wales head of Ofcom was speaking at the Cardiff Breakfast Club to the business leaders when he opened up his mind. He said that the ability to access the internet away from the office was essential in the modern times.

Williams was quoted by the newspaper Western Mail as saying that being capable of doing business while travelling was a prerequisite of competitiveness in an international level.

Meanwhile, Ofcom that is reported to be consulting on an auction of the 2.6GHz and 800 MHz spectrum bands currently explained that it was with a view to liberating more spectrum for superfast internet access.

This auction, once carried out will surpass the volume of capacity sold off at the 2000’s 3G auctions that had incidentally raked in GBP 22.5 billion for the economy of the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, the Ofcom chief for Wales insisted that the sale that is proposed to happen in quarter one of 2012, has hardly been organised as a money spinning project for the government.

The regulator stated that instead, the body was more interested in what that could do rather than what (how much) it could generate.

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