Only businesses would be benefited by 4G

It has been claimed that initially only businesses will be benefited by the introduction of 4G mobile broadband services in the UK. The Managing Director at Claranet, Michel Robert said that the short battery life and the uneven coverage stand as an obstacle for providing the 4G mobile broadband services to the common man. It means that the common man’s dream of getting the best out of 4G services is not going to be materialized in the near future.

He stated that when compared to other major economies in Europe, the UK is far behind in terms of 4G roll out and when Everything Everywhere (EE) announced that it is going to introduce 4G mobile broadband in the UK, people were much excited. The Government’s announcement that it is going to conduct spectrum auction also gave hope to the people. In his opinion, unless the battery life is improved, the chances of consumers getting 4G services on their mobile devices are remote.

For data-intensive communications and to switch between 4G and 3G networks in patchy covered areas, 4G requires a combination of the increased processing power and in Mr Robert’s opinion 4G kills batteries. Till this battery problem is solved, only businesses will be benefited from 4G services as they can make use of fixed 4G devices. Even if something goes wrong with their main network, businesses can access cheap, fast and effective back-up connectivity by making use of a 4G-enabled router.

He claimed that it would be better for the businesses to have a connection via super fast mobile connection rather than investing in unnecessary physical networks. For businesses the service over the mobile spectrum would be available at a fraction of the cost of a cable connection. The battery life problem doesn’t arise here as it employs main powered devices.

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