Orange Apple iPad Mobile Broadband Deal for GBP 99

One of the leading mobile broadand network operators in the United Kingdom, Orange UK is currently offering both existing and new customers, the Apple iPad 16GB version with #G and WiFi connectivity for just GBP 99, when bundled with one of its mobile broadband package.

The freshly launched deal sees the mobile network reduce the upfront price of all three Apple iPad models (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) by GBP 100 as part of a limited term offer on the official website of Orange UK.

The customers, as indicated are required to sign up for the mobile bradband data package of Orange UK that at a price of GBP 25 per month, allows the users of iPad to get connected to the web almost anywhere in the United Kingdom at speeds of up to 7.2Mbits.

Included in the mobile broadband iPad package are an anytime data download allowance of 1GB a month and a quiet time allowance of 1GB between midnight and 4am in the morning.

The package also allows the customers to access WiFi unlimitedly at the wireless broadband hotspots across the United Kingdom through the WiFi network of BT Openzone.

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