Orange gets Wooden Spoon in Mobile Broadband Race

One of the leading mobile broadband operators serving the mobile broadband consumers of the United Kingdom, and the partner of T-Mobile in the newly formed Everything Everywhere mobile company, Orange has been rated last in the mobile network performance category of a study commissioned by the telecommunications watchdog, Ofcom.

Last day, the regulator had released the first research report measuring the performance and average speed of the data cards and mobile broadband dongles used on the networks of the five mobile operators of the United Kingdom.

The agency that carried out the survey for the regulator was Epitiro, which found that the average download speeds enjoyed by the customers of Orange UK was below 1.5 Mbps, which was slower than Vodafone, O2, Three UK, and T-Mobile.

Meanwhile, insiders at the mobile firm, Orange UK has been reported to have admitted that the provider’s network had been set back with capacity issues, when the research was being carried out at the end of the previous year.

A spokesman of Orange UK added that they had delivered crucial improvements as part of the running investment on their network, since the conduction of the research six months back, which have positively effected on both capacity and speed.

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