Orange offers iPad 3G for GBP 199

Orange, one of the leading mobile operators in the United Kingdom is offering fresh customers the 16GB iPad of apple with WiFi and 3G broadband for just GBP 199. This price is applicable when the device is taken with a pay monthly 3G data plan of Orange priced GBP 27 per month.

The Apple iPad 32GB and 64GB versions with 3G and WiFi also come with a discount and can be ordered for GBP 249 and GBP 349 respectively when bundles with the Orange monthly pay 3G data plan of GBP 27.

The 3G mobile broadband data plan of Orange enables the users of Apple iPad to access internet from wherever they wished using an anytime data download allowance of 1GB a month and quiet time data allowance of 1GB from midnight to 4am.

Furthermore, the package also offers access to unlimited WiFi (wireless broadband) provided through the WiFi hotspots of BT Openzone across the United Kingdom, besides being subject to a fair usage policy of 3GB a month.

These Orange Apple iPad deals enable fresh customers to save upfront costs of GBP 230 for the Apple iPad 16GB version, GBP 250 for the model with 32GB memory and GBP 350 for the iPad with 64GB memory that is being retailed currently at GBP 699 when bought on its own.

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