Orange T-Mobile Brands to stay in the UK

According to the parent company, of the merging mobile networks in the United Kingdom; T-Mobile and Orange, both the brands would be retained in the United Kingdom.

It was only last year the parent companies of Orange and T-Mobile mobile broadband providers – France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom respectively – merged their businesses in the United Kingdom that led to widespread speculation that the brand T-Mobile would be effaced in the country.

However, recently the new boss of the merged entity said that both the brands enjoyed personalities that they wished to maintain. The firm today enjoys a customer base comprising of thirty million mobile broadband customers and a 37 per cent market share in Britain.

The chief executive of the new company, Tom Alexander stated that while Orange impressed with a premium element, T-Mobile cut a value oriented straightforward appeal. He added that although no changes in branding would be seen by customers, the parent firm of both the operations would be known as Everything Everywhere.

Alexander claimed that together they formed the largest communications company in the United Kingdom.

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