‘P S Vita’ to get 3G mobile connection through Vodafone

Vodafone is acclaimed as the ideal choice for providing 3G mobile broadband for ‘Sony PlayStation Vita’ console not only in the UK but also in other major European countries.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) informed that a Vodafone sim card will be available with the Wi-Fi and 3G enabled version of the phone sold in selected countries. This will enable the users to enjoy social gaming anytime they like.

The ‘PS Vista’ model can be got from Vodafone’s retail channels. The consumers whose consoles are connected to the web with Vodafone are eligible for a ‘PlayStation Network’ voucher with which they can download ‘WipEout 2048’.

The consumers will be able to physically grab the gadget from the 22nd November next year.

Patrick Chomet of Vodafone remarked that the carrier is particular about providing the best devices for the consumers. P.S Vista is undoubtedly an ideal addition to its range.

It is clear from application downloads that the customers are very fond of games. Obviously it gave lot of pleasure for Vodafone to be the preferred partner of SCEE for

3G Vita devices being sold in Europe and other selected places.

Chomet assured that the console can make use of Vodafone’s large 3G high speed mobile broadband infra structure to ensure the consumers a rewarding ‘gaming’ experience.

Jim Ryan, the president and chief executive of SCEE stated that it is necessary for the technical establishment to combine with a reputed network provider to grant an efficient and quality 3G experience to the consumers.

By associating with Vodafone, PS Vista will enable its users in selected countries to be always in connection with their PlayStation life, friends and games irrespective of their location.

Some games have already appeared on the handheld console. They include 1) Street Fighter X Tekken 2) Michael Jackson: The Experience 3) Dungeon Hunter: Alliance etc.

Vodafone will be announcing its plans for the service shortly.

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