Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband to Grow Enormously Over the Next Few Years

According to a report released by Tariff Consultancy Ltd, PAYG Mobile Broadband Service (Pay as you go) will become the choice for majority of users to gain access to Internet over the next few years. The report, which is titled as ‘Pre Pay Mobile Broadband Service: Pricing, Trends and Products from around the World‘, states that prepay mobile broadband service will reach one-third of a billion users by the end of 2013.

Mobile broadband services are already popular among the customers due to the flexibility and the convenience they offer to get Internet while they are out. Many earlier reports suggested that more than half of the customers opt for the pay as you go service, when compared to the contract deals. It seems this trend has sustained and still on its move.

More number of operators are said to launch pay as you go broadband services. This will leave consumers with more choices. Different strategies have been followed by the mobile broadband service providers, with some of them charging high for connectivity with small data allowances. But in some countries like UK, pay as you go mobile broadband service offer high data allowances at low cost. Some of them are even set to replace fixed lines with the mobile broadband service.

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