Remarkable for O2

Small and medium businesses of O2 achieved the best revenue during the second quarter in four years for net connections.

The concerned division introduced a broadband, mobile and landline tariff known as ‘All In.’ The Sim-only deal for businesses costs only GBP50, whereas the cost of a two year contract is only GBP59.99, both inclusive of VAT.

Claire Darley, who looks after the sales of small and medium businesses, declared that increase in mobile business was remarkable and so was the performance in landline businesses in the first quarter. The customers are happy that just one bill includes all services. It prevents them from going after different staff to settle the payment. It saves them a lot of time and is more convenient. It also helps the staff to have better communication with the customers.

Darley said that increase in the net connection is a clear indication of the development of the economy. O2, on its part, will help in the growth of the establishment, both small and medium.

Priority Moments of O2 allows the concerns to advertise their products. Darley informed that one more platform will be launched soon, where small firms can advertise.

Darley also said that O2 will be concentrating on landline services for short and medium establishments as there is enough potential there, on which it wants to capitalize. It is noteworthy that business customers are against using consumer broadband

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