Rural Broadband and Mobile Coverage Subject for Parliament Debate

It has been reported that a debate in the parliament over rural broadband internet and mobile phone coverage was being spearheaded by a Conservative backbencher this week. The debate will also consider the potential steps that could be taken to boost those services.

Rory Stewart, Conservative MP for Penrith and the Border, has reportedly proposed a motion for a discussion in the House of Commons in which he will argue that country’s rural communities and businesses are isolated by their lack of mobile coverage and highspeed broadband access.

Stewart added that it was comparatively unusual for a backbencher for being able to propose a subject for a complete parliamentary debate, rather then the opposition or the government itself, with those occurences only taking place when a motion was viewed as being of rare interest.

Among the steps that would be suggested amidst the discussion was a call for providing all the residents of the United Kingdom ,with a speed of 2Mbps by the coalition government by 2015.

Additional to this, Stewart has been calling for the telecommunications watchdog to raise its coverage obligation in terms of the 800MHz radio spectrum licence in the United Kingdom to 98 per cent.

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