Samsung RV 510 replaced

Three, the UK’s fastest growing mobile network has announced a substitute for Samsung RV 510. The notebook, Samsung RV 515 with a variety of mobile broadband plans is now available on its web. Customers can get hold of the device on monthly payment contracts.

The notebook is having a 1.65 GHz AMD Dual Core E 450 processor and a 15.6 LED HD display. On a 15.6” HD LED display with a 1366X768 resolution, the images would be sharp with bold colours.

The notebook incorporates latest wireless technology including 802.11 bgn wireless connection that enables the customer to go on the internet with high speed access. The device has a capacity of 4GB memory and an AMD mobility Radeon graphics card. Samsung RV 515 comes with Windows 7.

About the device, Three said that in terms of functionality the notebook would help you in your day to day life, both at work or at home. The stylish and eye catching design, durable casing with capacity to withstand knocks and bumps, the notebook is built to last. It has an ergonomic design with features such as an island keyboard. Samsung RV 515 is attractive and affordable with full functionality.

Through Three, consumers can get the notebook having 15 GB mobile broadband with 250 texts for a monthly payment of 41.53 Pound for a period of 24 months or for customers who want to possess a notebook with 15 GB mobile broadband and 150 texts can subscribe for a monthly instalment of 31.31 Pounds for 2 years with an upfront payment of 99 Pounds.

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