Slough 4G Trial capable of handling 3G Traffic for entire UK

One of the five leading mobile broadband network operators of the United Kingdom, O2 has revealed further details of the 4G trial of its being carried out in Slough. In Slough, the company has erected six mobile masts, equipped for handling Long Term Evolution (LTE) signals for high speed internet browsing, when the customer is out and about with the person’s laptop, internet tablet or mobile phone.

Six masts in the pilot, according to O2 are capable of handling the same volume of traffic as the entire 3G broadband network of theirs.

To add to this, the network speeds are also about ten times faster than 3G broadband theoretically, as 4G was comprehensively focused around data, with voice effectively being an additional bolt on.

LTE along with another fast mobile data transfer standard of the present times, WiMAX, is one of the competitors striving to replace 3G broadband as the next generation of mobile broadband network.

However, technically speaking, both WiMAX and LTE are hardly real 4G wireless broadband standards, although they are something more advanced than 3G. Still it is found that a good number of firms are sticking to the 4G term.

Meanwhile, O2 is also planning to boost its service line up with an advanced 900 MHz 3G broadband network in London and crtain other areas of the United Kingdom. Besides, the company also carries on investing in the older 3G and 2G networks.

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