SMEs to benefit from new 4G service

It is been claimed that the rollout of the next generation 4G mobile broadband service in the UK will be benefiting the small businesses instead of the vast customer market initially.

The patchy network coverage as well as a great strain of the battery life is going offset most of the positive features of the upcoming 4G mobile broadband service for the general customers who wish to utilize this new technology on the mobile handsets, according to Claranet which is a cloud service provider.

Though the small businesses is more probably to use a fixed 4G-enable router that is capable of offering them effective, fast and cheap connectivity during the event when their main network fails.

Michel Robert who is the UK managing director of Claranet said that Companies will be allowed to seamlessly to switch to a broadband service offered by the mobile spectrum at the part of the price of the dull cable connection. This makes the mobile broadband service more attractive for the small enterprises.

There are high expectations that the rural firms will also get advantage from the 4G service, with the proclamation made by the Olaf Swantee who is the chief executive of EE that the new 4G service will also be deployed in the remote rural areas of Wales, Cornwall and Cumbria by the coming year.

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