T-Mobile, 3 UK Merger Complete

The prominent tech firm Ericsson that specialises in building networks has announced that the project for merging the 3G broadband networks of 3 UK and T-Mobile in the United Kingdom has been completed with over twelve thousand sites consolidated.

This marks the consolidation of a third party organisation created by the two leading mobile networks operating in the UK, called Mobile Broadband Network Ltd in 2007. The joint network would be run along with Ericsson, whihc is MBNL’s primary service provider.

The project is understood to be the largest of its kind in the mobile industry until now. The companies have claimed that all 3G broadband sites, along with the transmitters, backhaul and base station equipment related to the core networks of the operators were completely configured for offering high-speed mobile broadband access presently.

It was also given by the parties involved with the programme that arranging the confluence of the two networks was an order or magnitude more sophisticated than active RAN shares, as such designed from the deployment phase.

The managing director of Mobile Broadband Network Ltd, Graham Payne calimed that the merger project was the undoubtedly the largest project he had ever been involved in. He added that it was nothing less than a monumental project in terms of the transformation and scale of 3 UK’s and T-Mobile’s networks.

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