T-Mobile cuts its Unlimited Mobile Broadband Pay-Monthly Price

One of the leading five mobile broadband networks operating in the United Kingdom, T-Mobile UK has reportedly slashed the monthly price of its pay per month, unlimited data mobile broadband package to GBP 10.21 for the initial three months.

The same mobile broadband package of T-Mobile was previously priced GBP 15.32 a month. Moreover, the 18-month mobile broadband package that included a free USB mobile broadband dongle is obviously not as unlimited as claimed by the provider with a monthly fair usage policy of 2GB very much applying.

It is worth mentioning here that although the customers of the ‘unlimited usage’ mobile broadband package of T-Mobile that exceeded this quota are still allowed to browse websites, and send and recieve emails, profounder activities such as streaming videos and downloading files are apparently denied.

This has already sparked protests from various quarters with many complaining of not fully understanding the logic behind T-Mobile’s saying that browsing web was fine although downloading files was unaccepatable. A good number of the consumers play down the concept of the provider saying that website after all were made up of files.

Incidentally, T-Mobile UK had recently hit the headlines for certain rather restrictive alterations made to its mobile broadband data ‘fair usage policy’.

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