T-Mobile Fair Usage Changes may be probed by Ofcom

The changes brought about by T-Mobile to its fair usage policy could face an investigation by the telecommunications regulator of the United Kingdom providing the latter received a large volume of complaints. This can be viewd under the backdrop of continuing outrage in the country over the proposed data cap of 500MB.

Under General Condition 9.3, the mobile network operators are required to provide their customers with a month’s notice of any change that is potential of causing them material detriment. This statement was made by Ofcom while giving its views to V3 UK.

It was also noted by the regulator that mobile network operators in the United Kingdom imperatively needed to inform their customers that they were having the powers to terminate their agreement sans penalty provided the change was not acceptable to them.

The statement added that Ofcom encouraged unhappy consumers to discuss the matter of concern with their service provider and if the issue related to a certain condition or term, then the consumer was entitled to log a complaint with the regulator.

The statement also made clear that it monitored the complaints regarding the behaviour of the network service providers and if the complaints about a specific issue amounted to large volumes they were bound to probe and take action if found necessary.

It is also worth mentioning here that Which?, the consumer has suggested that T-Mobile, one of the prominent mobile broadband provider operating in the United Kingdom has violated its own terms and conditions by making the customers receive notice regarding proposed changes just in two days’ time instead of a stipulated notice period of 30 days.

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