T-Mobile not to slash Existing Customers’ Download Limits

The customers of the leading mobile broadband provider operating in the United Kingdom, T-Mobile, having a subscription of the Computer Active Magazine will be delighted to know that the operator will not be slashing the data download allowance of its existing customers.

T-Mobile reportedly revealed that the cap on mobile broadband data consumption would only affect its fresh customers. This announcement apparently came after protests were sounded over the data limit cut from various quarters.

Computer Active Magazine has reported T-Mobile having said previously that it would be placing cap on data consumption for all its customers at 500MB. Nevertheless, pressure from the customers. some of whom had subscribed to unlimited usage tariffs has forced the operator to announce that the cap would only be affecting fresh customers.

The magazine further reported T-Mobile as saying that there would be no alterations brought forth on the data packages for its existing customers for the duration of their deal and that they were apologising for any confusion caused.

According to T-Mobile that had recently merged with another mobile network giant operating in the United Kingdom, Orange UK to form Everything Everywhere, they enjoyed a customer-base larger than that of any other mobile network in the United Kingdom.

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