T-Mobile USB Mobile Broadband USB Stick 530

Get the fastest mobile broadband speed with T- mobile. Just plug in  the simple, smart and retractable USB stick 530 to your laptop and feel the difference browsing in high speed. The T-Mobile broadband stick includes a micro SD memory card slot that lets you use modem as a memory stick. With about 8GB memory capacity, now you can carry important files with you. The SD card could be used on both your mobile phone and the USB stick 530 for easy and quick transfers. The broadband stick do not demand any pre installation of software.

The Mac and PC compatible USB stick 530 uses a cleaver  technology that provides strong and steady signal to your laptop even at very poorer reception areas. The technology uses a method called ‘receive diversity‘ that reflects signals from hills and buildings to offer smooth signals through out the usage. T-mobile enables a speed of about 7.2Mb/s for surfing and 2Mb/s for uploading.

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